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The Organic Pharmacy

The Organic Pharmacy is an organically luxurious London based care system that covers and unites all care segments. It was developed by the British pharmacist and homeopath Margo Marrone and manufactured in the highest purity. Exclusive organic-native complexes of active ingredients, in combination with bioactive organic high-tech substances are used for this unique individual care.

TOP rose crystal lymphatic facial

This luxurious, holistic beauty ritual includes a unique deep cleansing and three highly effective masks for clearing, moisturizing and firming the skin. After applying acupressure, the lymphatic system is stimulated by gently stroking the lymph with energetic rose quartz. An intensive facial massage as well as foot, hand, arm, leg and head massage complete the treatment. This pampering TOP break will leave your skin radiantly beautiful and your body deeply relaxed.

90 Min. € 130,00 to € 180,00

60 Min. * € 99,00

* without arm-, leg-and foot-massage and without Collagen Boost Mask (anti aging mask)

TOP enzym peeling vitamin c & papaya facial

Put your skin back in its natural and perfect original condition! The deep cleansing and the organic fruit acid enriched Enzyme Peeling purposely target the age and pigment spots as well as fine wrinkles and uneven skin on the face and décolleté. A stimulating acupressure is followed by intense head, face, décolleté, shoulder and neck massages. The appearance of your skin is much more refined, smoothed, softer and clearer.

60 Min. € 99,00 to € 119,00

Rose diamond facial

Our ultimate luxury facial – regenerates, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your skin. The power of diamonds and cosmeceuticals renews and lifts the skin. With a triple exfoliation (Diamond Particle, Enzyme & Hydra-Diamond Exfoliation), followed by an oxygen mask and a lifting facial massage. The treatment is carried out with our highly effective care line Rose Diamond – for an intensive moisturizing and skin rejuvenation.

80 Min. € 239,00 to € 300,00

TOP Body treatments

The Organic Pharmacy body treatments combine massage techniques with nourishing, vitamin-rich, organic oils. Highly potent, ultra-fine and ultra-pure organic ingredients (in conjunction with cosmeceuticals) effectively support the skin in the body’s own processes of repair, cleanse, and regeneration.

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TOP detox deep cleansing seaweed treatment

This luxurious, organic, full-body treatment detoxifies and stimulates through a body scrub based on lime-eucalyptus oil and seaweed – soft skin and a revitalized body are guaranteed. Afterwards, your whole body is wrapped in a pack of mineral-containing mud (composed of marine algae and stimulating oils). After a cleansing shower and subsequent massage of the back, neck and shoulders with our detox body oil, you will receive a moisturizing body cream.

90 Min. € 130,00 to € 180,00

TOP anti-aging renew rose anti-aging body ritual

This luxurious anti-aging body treatment starts with the regenerating Cleopatra Body Scrub (made from Sea Salt, Honey, Rose & Ylang Ylang Oil), followed by a wrap with our Rose Body Mask (detoxifying, balancing & remineralizing). This anti-aging ritual is complemented by a full-body massage with the purest rose-jasmine oil, before our firming, collagen-building Rose Plus Anti-Aging Body Cream completes the nourishing ritual.

90 Min. € 130,00 to € 180,00

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