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Based on a patented technology, the “Nailberry L’Oxygéné” premium products not only offer great, healthier colors, but have also been supplemented with a perfectly matched range of premium nail care products for manicures to sustainably repair and strengthen damaged nails.


Treat your hands to a very special care experience. The manicure consists of a soothing hand bath, regenerative peeling, lacquer as desired with all-round care.

€ 45.00, an additional fee € 5.00 to add color


Your feet carry you through your life, now you can thank your feet with a very special pampering session, which consists of an invigorating foot bath, regenerating scrub, color and all-round care.

€ 49.00, an additional fee € 5.00 to add color

Nailberry Produkt Foto