Our spacious Spa will amaze you. Whether you’re looking for a soothing beauty treatment, a revitalizing cleaning ritual in the hammam, or an extended sauna session followed by refreshment in the infinity pool, which can – depending on the weather – transform from an indoor to an outdoor pool thanks to its movable panoramic windows – let yourself be pampered and enjoy with all your senses.

Overlooking the Breitenburger canal, after an intensive massage or a visit to the hammam, you can relax on our loungers in one of the four relaxation rooms and forget the stress of everyday life with a soothing glass of tea.


Mann bekommt eine Gesichtsmaske aufgetragen.
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Activating, regenerating, relaxing. Our customized facials give your skin everything it needs for a radiant appearance.

Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

This luxurious, holistic beauty ritual includes a unique deep cleansing and three highly effective masks to clarify, hydrate, and firm the skin. After a stimulating acupressure session, the lymphatic system is activated by gently stroking out the lymph with energetic rose quartz crystals. An intensive facial massage as well as foot, hand, arm, leg, and head massages complete the treatment. This pampering time-out leaves your skin radiantly beautiful and your body deeply relaxed.

105 minutes € 199,00

Without arm, leg, and foot massage, without Collagen Boost Mask (Anti-Aging Mask)
75 minutes € 109,00

Enzyme Peeling Vitamin C & Papaya Facial

Restore your skin to its naturally perfect state! The deep cleansing and the enzyme peeling enriched with organic fruit acid purposefully correct age and pigment spots as well as fine wrinkles and unevenness in the face and décolleté areas. Stimulating acupressure is followed by intensive head, face, décolleté, shoulder, and neck massages. The appearance of your skin is significantly refined, smoothed, softer and clearer.

60 minutes € 129,00

Fountain of Youth Facial

An exclusive facial that combines a blend of pharmaceutical botanicals, vitamins, and photoactive substances with acupressure techniques and a focus on crystal therapy. Semi-precious stones of quartz, amethyst, and jade improve your complexion and your well-being. Visible results, smooth, radiant skin, and the beautiful feeling of being rebalanced and recharged.

90 minutes € 199,00

Immune Recovery Facial

Find inner peace, harmony, and balance – from the inside out and the outside in. Experience a multi-faceted approach to skin wellness in harmony with its natural flow. This facial combines deep cleansing and fruit acid peels to reveal a brighter, nourished, and exceptionally smooth complexion. A lymphatic massage and crystals soothe and balance the heart chakra, to create inner joy and powerful anti-aging benefits.

75 minutes € 155,00

Men’s Organic Grooming Facial

A luxurious, deep cleansing, and revitalizing facial for men, including a head massage. Stress and tension are actively relieved. Skin and body are quickly soothed, nourished, and re-energized.

60 minutes € 99,00


A particularly deep-acting, cell-rejuvenating facial treatment designed to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The alternating heating and cooling of the skin during the treatment activates the cells. This allows the active ingredients to be absorbed particularly deeply into the tissue, where they can exert their full effect. The face looks fresher and smoother, and dark circles, redness, and pores are visibly minimized.

60 minutes € 139,00

Cleansing Treatment

This clarifying treatment includes a professional intensive cleansing, a decongestant and soothing deep cleansing mask, and a relaxing scalp massage. After a stimulating acupressure session, the lymphatic system is stimulated by gently stroking out the lymph with energetic rose quartz crystals. The result: visibly purer skin and a refined complexion.

60 minutes € 99,00


The ideal facial for maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Leaves your skin deeply cleansed, clarified, refined, and ideally moisturized. Collagen and hyaluronic acid production are lastingly stimulated.

45 minutes € 89,00


Eyebrow Tint € 20,00

Eyebrow Shape Correction € 20,00

Eyelash Tint € 20,00

These extras can only be booked in connection with a facial treatment

Nahaufnahme Rückenmassage
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Relax during our body treatments and feel full of energy afterward.

Resculpting Thermal Body Wrap

After applying the Resculpting Body Serum with its unique fat-burning ingredients, we wrap your body tightly in foil. While the serum is working, we pamper you with an intensive facial cleansing followed by a deeply relaxing head massage. After removing the foil, we follow up with a body massage with Green Coffee & Chili Massage Oil. The result: visibly firmer skin and an incredibly energized feeling.

90 minutes € 199,00

Detox Deep Cleansing Seaweed Treatment.

This luxurious, organic full body treatment first detoxifies and stimulates with a body scrub based on lime eucalyptus oil and seaweed – soft skin and a revitalized body are guaranteed. Then your entire body is wrapped in a pack of mineral-rich mud (based on seaweed and stimulating oils). A cleansing shower followed by a full body massage with our Detox Body Oil is followed by a moisturizing body cream.

90 minutes € 199,00

Sand lounger

Let your body be enveloped by a harmonizing and deeply relaxing warmth. Give yourself completely to the warmth of the quartz sand and let your thoughts drift.

20 Minutes € 48,00
Frau gießt sich Öl in die hand für eine Massage.
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Enjoy the oldest holistic healing art of humanity and then feel reborn.


Full Body Massage

This traditional ayurvedic massage consists of a full body massage with warm oil. With flowing handles and targeted brush strokes, inner warmth and balance are conjured leaving you feeling strengthened and harmonized.

70 Minutes € 125,00


Foot Massage

Enjoy this relaxing massage that not only treats your feet, but also your lower legs and knees. It stimulates all of your organs and helps to promote a regenerative process within yourself.

45 Minutes € 99,00


Facial Massage

Warm oil is gently poured over the face and massaged in small strokes during the massage. The ayurvedic energy points (on the chin, upper lip, ears and eyebrows) are stimulated to create an energetic balance.

30 Minutes € 65,00


Forehead Rub

The well-tempered oil jet, which gently touches the forehead, creates a feeling of deep relaxation. The stress of everyday life can be forgotten, mind and soul are cleansed.

30 Minutes € 65,00
Frau bekommt eine Rückenmassage.
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With calm music and warm oils, our therapists support the regenerating effect of soothing massages on the body, mind, and soul.

Lomilomi Massage

Hawaiian massage ritual with a very long tradition. Treat yourself to this extraordinary full body massage with warm oil, which benefits both body and mind in equal measure.

Long, fluent strokes, in which the therapist uses their hands as well as their forearms and elbows, balance the spirit, loosen the joints, help to reduce stress blockages, stimulate the inner healing powers and give new life energy.

60 Minutes € 125,00

Full Body Massage

Our holistic massage gives you a feeling of deep relaxation and has a comprehensive effect on all senses.

50 Minutes € 99,00

Partial Body Massage

Whether it´s your upper back and shoulder area or legs and/or arms – you decide which part of the body needs special attention during this massage.

25 Minutes € 65,00

Foot Reflexology

Originating from China, Egypt, and India, the art of foot reflexology is based on the assumption that the zones on the soles of the feet correspond to various organs and parts of the body. Depending on your needs, the therapist varies between stimulating (toning) and calming (sedating) grips that will enhance your well-being.

25 Minutes € 55,00
50 Minutes € 99,00

Golf Massage

Directly from the golf course to the massage. A golf massage is a form of relaxation and recuperation specially tailored to the requirements of the sport. On the one hand, it serves the regeneration after the sport, on the other hand, symmetries of the hip-, shoulder- and spine-axis, which got out of balance, are brought back into a balanced relation to each other.

25 Minutes € 65,00
50 Minutes incl. Tape € 105,00

Myofascia Release Massage

In this treatment light pressure is applied to the affected muscles and surrounding fascia with the help of a fascia tool. After this treatment, all agglutinated fascia tissue will be loosened.

50 Minutes € 105,00

Trigger Point Massage

In this treatment, we use a trigger point tool to deeply loosen stressed muscle areas. Tense and aching muscles are brought back into balance and help to relieve pain.

50 Minutes € 105,00
Frau bekommt Fußmassage
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Hands and feet are often exposed to stressful everyday life. Treat them to a relaxing and caring time out.

Luxury Organic Manicure

Your manicure begins with a deeply relaxing hand bath and hand massage. Your nail bed is cared for and your nails are filed into shape. Of course, if you wish, we will apply nail polish in the color of your choice. And for some color at home, take the polish with you after the application.

60 minutes € 75,00

Nail Polish included
70 minutes € 99,00

Luxury Organic Pedicure

At the beginning of the pedicure, you will receive a soothing foot bath, followed by a highly active peeling. Finally, a foot massage and treatment of the nail bed and nails await you. If you wish, we will apply nail polish in the color of your choice, which you will be able to take with you.

60 minutes € 75,00

Nail Polish included
70 minutes € 99,00
Kupferschale mit Seifenschaum und Karaffe im Hamam.
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Steam, clarifying peelings and nourishing oils spoil all senses.


Let yourself be carried away to another world to enjoy an experience with all your senses. Fragrant essences, nourishing foam, and stimulating massages ensure a pure sense of wellbeing. Leave everyday life behind and discover this special oriental bathing culture.

60 Minutes € 105,00
80 Minutes with aftercare € 139,00


With our treatments, we attach great importance to quality and selected essences in accordance with the philosophy of our house. For this reason, we only use the high-quality products of “The Organic Pharmacy”, the world’s first and only luxurious organic high-tech care system, as well as the premium nail care “Nailberry”. Our treatments offer pleasure and effect in equal measure, letting your inner and outer beauty shine.

Logo The Organic Pharma

The Organic Pharmacy is an organically luxurious London based care system that covers and unites all care segments. It was developed by the British pharmacist and homeopath Margo Marrone and manufactured in the highest purity. Exclusive organic-native complexes of active ingredients, in combination with bioactive organic high-tech substances are used for this unique individual care.

Logo Nailberry

Based on a patented technology, the "Nailberry L'Oxygéné" premium products not only offer great, healthier colors, but have also been supplemented with a perfectly matched range of premium nail care products for manicures to sustainably repair and strengthen damaged nails.

sauna world

A place of rest and regeneration. Heated through infrared radiation or traditionally 60 degrees (bio sauna) to 90 degrees (Finnish sauna), they are tailored to the individual needs of our guests.

Completely private we will gladly reserve your very own private Finnish, bio, or infrared sauna, with its own relaxation area for your exclusive use.

min. 2 hours for € 25.00 per hour

Mann und Frau sitzen mit Handtüchern in der Sauna.
Mann kommt in Handtuch gewickelt aus Sauna


The large infinity pool (7 x 15 m) creates the impression of infinite space and a feeling of absolute relaxation, with a view of the slow-flowing channel.

Mann und Frau im Pool im Hotel Breitenburg.

Our yoga classes – for new energy.

Namasté. On weekends, Hotel Breitenburg invites its guests to practice yoga. Under the expert guidance of our instructor you will bring your body and soul back into harmony with yoga.

The classes are held on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 10 am. The courses are suitable for beginners with no previous experience and advanced participants alike. Each course is limited to a maximum of 7 participants. Meeting point is the tea corner in the SPA area. Please register at the SPA reception the day prior to the class.

Participation is free of charge.

By the way: On Sundays our Day SPA guests are welcome to participate, Saturday is reserved for our house guests.

Eine Spiegel in dem eine virtuelle Person Yoga-Übungen vormacht Eine Frau und ein Mann stehen in einer Yoga-pose in einem Yoga-Raum

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Discover the yoga revolution – with VAHA X, your exclusive fitness mirror that is more than just a mirror. It is your gateway into an incomparable yoga experience, accessible at any time between 7 am and 10 pm. Choose from a wide range of classes led by your personal yoga coach hidden within this elegant design.

Take the first step towards a more balanced you: book your yoga class directly at our SPA reception and enjoy 50 minutes of pure yoga pleasure in a small group of up to 7 participants.

We offer this unique experience at an introductory price of just € 15,00 per hour – an unbeatable offer compared to the regular price of € 25,00.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your reservation. Let’s start your yoga journey together.


Give it your all and really push yourself. Afterward, you’ll feel exhausted, but happy. Our gym – for that little escape from the daily grind.

Mann holt sich Gewichte im Fitnessbereich des Hotels.

Short and efficient: EMS training

With our modern EMS training, you can achieve your goals faster than ever before with the help of electrical impulses. In just 20 minutes, you are offered individual personal training under the guidance of experienced trainers. To ensure that the EMS training is optimally tailored to you, a short medical examination is carried out beforehand.

You can arrange training sessions at the SPA reception or in the sports area next door. Appointments are available from Tuesday to Thursday. Price per session: €44.90

Day Spa


Sunday – Friday
On Saturdays, the Spa area is reserved for our overnight guests

Day ticket from 7am – 10pm
€ 55,00

Early Bird ticket 7am – 11am
€ 35,00

Evening ticket from 6pm – 10pm
€ 35,00

We kindly ask you to ma a reservation by phone in advance

Please kindly note that cancellations are free of charge up to 72 hours prior to the appointment only. For cancellations up to 24 hours in advance, we charge 80% of the price. For cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance, we have to charge the full amount.

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Our Spa is open from 7am to 10pm. Treatments can be booked between 10am and 6:30pm (or by appointment).

Icon Tea

In order to shorten the waiting time before your treatments, we invite you relax in our tea corner with delicious organic teas or refreshing spritzers. This is where you will wait for your appointment.

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For your physical refreshment, our Vitality Bar will provide you with a varied selection of drinks.